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Robotic Plasma Cutting in 3D Space

Custom-built software allows operators to create the cuts they need without a single code command.

The robot makes the cuts it needs with a precision of 0.1mm, even with large tolerances in the dimensions of the piece.


Welding of sleeve nozzles at container heads

The robot welds the sockets with the bottoms, with absolute precision and quality in the seams.


Flexible Montage Robotic System

The robotic flexible product assembly system gives a lot of flexibility.

With minimal modifications to the bases of the parts to be assembled and the end-effectors of the robots, it can assemble products with dimensions up to 600 x 350 x 250 mm.


High Performance Palletizing System

Each robot cell can simultaneously palletize up to 5 pallets with a height of up to 2,500mm.

​A robotic carriage moves the finished pallets to the exit, while feeding new licenses to each robot.

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