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What We Can Do


It refers to identifying a system that meets in the best possible way a particular requirement, and its individual components.

Engineering & Design

Engineers create visual concept models of your desired robot system to enhance design and efficiency for maximum throughput. Typically a 2D CAD drawing is initially provided, followed by 3D layout and simulation models.

Design Services Electrical engineering design

Binding electrical engineering study and selection of proper materials for successful implementation.


System programming (robot, PLC, screens etc) and provision of application-specific software enabling easy programming by the client.


Robotic systems are installed at client premises and commissioned according to requirements previously agreed.

System evolution

Further evolution of systems installed by KOUVALIAS ROBOTICS or older systems in need of optimization is provided for. This includes re-programming, component replacement, improvements in mechanical and electrical equipment etc. KOUVALIAS ROBOTICS, thanks to its greatly experienced engineers, may also cater to robots of other manufacturers.


Maintenance (preventive or extraordinary) of all robotic systems and peripherals is provided for.


Seminars that have to do with basic robot control up to advanced programming are offered.

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